This East Greenland district is intersected by the arctic circle (about 66°30° N) almost 100 km/ 60 miles north of the town Ammassalik (or Tasiilaq).

In the middle of the summer the sun is visible for almost 24 hours, while at Christmas the days are short and dark. Like the rest of East Greenland the district of Ammassalik is marked by a cold sea current running along the coast from north to south, often carrying huge amounts of broken winter ice from the sea around North Greenland and the North Pole. This is called Pack-ice and for long periods of the year navigation is extremely hazardous and often impossible. Until recent times the district has therefore been largely isolated from the outside world. 

2000 years ago Eskimos (Sarqaq" and later "Dorset people") did reach the area - presumably from the North - by rowing along the shore in boats made from skin. During periods of unfavourable climatic conditions the isolated communities died out and the area would be deserted until the next immigration. It would appear that the district was uninhabited during most of the Middle ages, and that the latest arrival of Eskimos (this time from a tribe of the "Thule people") happened during the 14th or 15th century. During The 18th century several Danish trading stations ("colonies") were established on the West coast of Greenland and the inhabitants gradually became Christian. 

Due to the isolation by the Pack-ice no such colonisation of East Greenland took place, and the area remained practically unknown to anyone outside the local population. In the 1890s the Eskimos in the Ammassalik district were only marginally influenced by European culture, as opposed to their counterparts in West Greenland; even after the establishment of a trading station, the Eskimo way of life continued for decades, especially among the people.



The name of our district is Ammassalik. There are five settlements and one main village. The main village is Tasiilaq with aprox. 2000 inhabitants.
The airport is not located in Tasiilaq but in the village of Kulusuk and travel by helicopter is most reliable way of transport between Tasiilaq and Kulusuk.
East Greenland is the most isolated area of Greenland. Only about 3000 live on the whole coast line that streches 2700km or 1700 miles.

We consider our selves to live in a very speciel part of the world. The local population, here in the district of Ammassalik, consist mostly of local native inuit known in Greenland as tunumiu.
East Greenland is for those looking for a new travel experience both culturally and scenic. The arctic conditions will remind travellers of our fragile world and the effects of global warming.