Helicopter tour to The Glacier of Johan Petersen Fjord

Taking off from Tasiilaq airport, heading towards Johan Petersens fjord. Flying past the majestic mountains of east Greenland,we enter the vast Sermilik fjord with its stunning icebergs and flows of pack ice. We land near this magnificent Glacier on the mainland of Greenland, the wall of the Glacier is a truly a sight to remember.

PRICES PER PERSON: 5 pers. 2.995 DKK. 4 pers. 3.680 DKK. 3 pers. 4.835 DKK. 2 pers. 7.140 DKK. 1 pers. 14.000 DKK

  • Duration: Flight: aprx 40 min Ground stop 15 min.
  • Price: from 2.995 DKK
  • Meal included: No
  • Period: Summer