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Hotel Kulusuk Tours

Summer end may - mid september

All our tours are ice and weather depended, we try our best to set-up tours daily according to the arctic weather.


Sailing past fascinating variety of floes and icebergs a cross the local fjord, the tour takes you close to our local glacier Apusiaajik ('Little' glacier) with our open 10 person open boat (Warm clothes recommended). We consider the boat tour a must do because of the possibility to go near the glacier as safety permits.

525 DKK.

1 1/2 hours.

Boat tour

Apusiajik glacier

DKK 595

Some tours has minimum requirements, please ask at the reception.


Bus tour to scenic views.

Travelling by car, we drive up an 8 kilometres road. The tour takes us to a previous US military radar station.

From here we have a view towards the majestic coastal mountains to the ocean seeing ice floes and icebergs in the distance.

A wonderful chance to have a panoramic view of our stunning landscape.

425 DKK.

1 1/2 hours.

Drive tour

Dye 4 mountain drive

DKK 495


Boat to Apusiajik glacier, where we are met by a guide to take us into the ice cave

Ice cave incl. transfer and guide 2.495 DKK.

2 hours.

Boat tour

Ice cave Kulusuk


A walk from the hotel to the settlement of Kulusuk village, a traditional hunting village of Greenland, with its 200 inhabitants it is scenically located.

a visit to the church.

275 DKK.

2 hours.

Walking tour

Kulusuk village


A boat tour to a historical abandoned military airbase from the second ww.

2.800 DKK. per person.

5 hours.

Boat tour

Ikateq base


An amazing glacier mere tekst...

2.200 DKK. per person.

5 hours.

Boat tour

Knud Rasmussen glacier


Boat transfer Kulusuk to Tinit and back 

2.500 DKK. per person.

4 hours.

Boat tour

Village of Tiniteqilaaq


Boat transfer Kulusuk to Kuummiut and back 

2.500 DKK. per person.

3 hours.

Boat tour

Village of Kuummiut


Boat transfer from Kulusuk to Tasiilaq

850 DKK. per person.

45 min.

Boat tour

Town of Tasiilaq

Dye 4

Hotel Kulusuk Tours

Winter mar - apr

All our tours are ice and weather depended, we try our best to set-up tours accordingly.


Dogsled ride with a local hunter to the local glacier Apusiajik ( small glacier )

800 DKK. per person.

3 hours.

Dog sled



Dogsled ride with a local hunter 6 to 7 hours.

1.800 DKK. per person.

6 to 7 hours.

Dog sled

Full day


Snowmobile ride with a local driver around Kulusuk area.

1.800 DKK. 2 hours.

optional 800 DKK. extra per hour.

Snowmobile ride

Kulusuk area

Greenland 2016_8.JPG


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