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Hotel Kulusuk

Scenically located on the shore of Greenland's eastern extremity, in the settlement of Kulusuk.

The hotel is within a few minutes drive from the gate to East Greenland, Kulusuk Airport. At Greenlands only settlement hotel you can experience the true atmosphere of the unique lifestyle in an Inuit hunter settlement. The hotel has 34 room all including private facilities, rooms with mountain and seaview. An a very spacious dining an relaxing area.

The hotel souvenir shop offers local traditional artwork and skind

Hotel Kulusuk: Rooms & Suites

Rooms and rates


Twin room

All prices incl. breakfast

Single room.     1.250,00 DKK

Double room    1.650,00 DKK

Tv, private facilities, desk, tv 

Sea view or Mountain View.

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299 598393



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"From Atteqin, where I visited Ajukuttååq, I made a Day Excursion to the larger island of Kulusuk, where there are one or two settlements. It is particularly well known that the last reindeer in this area were shot there. The interior of the island contains two plains with inland lakes, connected by a pass, and across this pass the ruins extend from one of the ramparts used for reindeer hunting. It has been built of stone and turf, as high as the chest of a human being, but now only the stones remain, at a height of barely a foot. Through the open gate in the middle of it the reindeer, which came in flocks from the highlands, were driven forward, and as they ran through, they were then shot with a bow and arrow."

1905—1906 Cand. mag. William Thalbitzer


What to do

We offer tours from our hotels, all tours are operated by our company.

Top hits.

Apusiajik glacier by boat

Drive tour DYE 4

When opening the links our other tours are visible for more information.

About Kulusuk

Kulusuk airport is on a mountainous island surrounded by ice-filled waters in the least populated part of the country. The airport town is not a roaring metropolis, but just a small settlement with a population of 250 people, for whom income gained from hunting and fishing is as important as any income from the airport.

From Visit Greenland website.


Our hotels has a souvenir shop that offer local carvings ( tupilaq ) T´shirts and other collectable items. If you want to buy items online please visit our local store Navarana in Tasiilaq, check it out below.


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