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Opdateret: 25. jul. 2022

How do we get from the airport to the hotels when we arrive in Greenland?

We offer free transport to/from Hotel Kulusuk from Kulusuk airport. Similarly, from Tasiilaq heliport to/from Hotel Angmagssalik. Please let us know time of pick or calls us.

We are unable to book the Helicopter at from Kulusuk to Tasiilaq due to no flight or no free seats?

Please contact carrier Air Greenland by email or telephone on +299 34 34 34 and explain your situation.

I saw that you organize boat trip to see icebergs. Is it possible to book a boat trip please?

No, all our tours are booked on the spot, and payment is done at check-out.

We would really like to see big icebergs swimming in the water and maybe a glacier? Are you offering these tours every day?

We try our best to offer different kinds of trips every day, of course depending on ice and weather condtions.

We like to come to Angmagssalik. How can we do that?

We recommend to buy a complete package with your local travel agency that offer west nordic countries.

We have sent many e-mails to you about hotel reservations. Why do you not answer?

We take hotel reservation through We try our best to answer all e-mail corespondance.

We want to try dog sledding during our summer visit?

Sorry no snow for the sled, from June to October. We find glacier dog sledding too dangerous due to very icy surface and deep crevasses.

Why are some icebergs deep blue?

It is not because of the compression of the ice or how old the iceberg is, as many belive, but the way the water has frosen. Some icebergs permit the light rays to pass through allowing only the blue frequency light to show.

We are staying in november. Do you offer any excursions?

The period between summer and winter is a difficult time to do excursions. Too much pack ice for the boats and too little snow for the dog sledges.

When is the best time to visit Greenland?

Greenland is nice to visit anytime but for the reasons above the most impressive time would be April - September.

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