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East Greenland

is known for its friendly and unique culture


At Arctic Wonderland Tours, we provide accommodations in East Greenland. Our hotels has inhouse booking of tours to ensure our guests have an adventurous time during their stay. Browse our options below to find out more. We are turning 50 in 2023, we opened the doors first time in December 1973. As the oldest family business in Greenland, we are proud to welcoming you to our home.  

Hotels and Tours

We have since 1974 shown respectfully tourists the friendly culture and the savage landscape of East Greenland. Arctic Wonderland Tours is a local owned company that operates 2 hotels in East Greenland, both in Kulusuk the gateway to East Greenland and also in Tasiilaq ( Angmagssalik ). The hotels operates approved and safe tours, such as boat and walking tours both for individual and also for groups. We are a family driven company, operating and supporting local community all year. We have since tourist season 1974 been a reliable partner in givin our guests a true experience of Arctic Wonderland East Greenland.

Best regards The management

Our hotels

The tours operated are in close cooperation with local people, to ensure a sustainable growth to our local community.🇬🇱 

We offer tours both from Hotel Kulusuk and for Hotel Angmagssalik, please "click" below for more information of your interest.

All tours booked on the spot
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Our tours

Boat Tours

We offer different variaties of boat tours to the icebergs, settlements both for groups and individuals. A "must" for photographers!

Boat and Walks

Contact us for special longer boat tours, or hikes with guides.

Guided Tours

Walking tours with a guide, around the town or settlement, walking in the nature.

Webcam view Hotel Angmagssalik

🇬🇱 Below instagram pictures are our staff picks and posts for your viewing pleasure.

Qujanaruutsuar (thank you for your support)

Welcome  🇬🇱  Dikidduarid

Whether arriving in time of the northern lights or in summer, East Greenland welcomes you with open wide spaces.

We are only 1 hour 40 min. Flying from Reykjavik domestic airport. is the easiest way of booking your travel, book directly from f.ex. JFK to KUS ( Kulusuk ) with a stopover in Iceland.


Not close to nature, you are in it!


Colourful houses 




East Greenlanders

East Greenland

Angmagssalikkerne are a very lively people, gifted with imagination, they are alert, clever and know how to use things that they came into possession of. They are intrusive, as they had to examine and feel everything, but also flattering, which admittedly often manifested itself in the desire to slander others for us. They are polite, hospitable. Indulgent and docile in their behavior towards each other


Gustav Holm 1884, travelogue wifeboat expedition to Greenland's East Coast 1883 - 85

History and nature

Amulet of raven claw and head, tied together by a leather strap, 23 cm long and collected in Ammassalik in 1902. In the use of amulets, which were to provide magical protection and support, the importance of boys as future hunters was emphasized. Boys were given amulets to turn them into skilled kayakers, skilled sled drivers or skilled at hitting targets and telling stories. The girls were also given - albeit fewer - amulets, which were to help turn a girl into a skilled seamstress or a good mother.

Sonne, Birgitte: Greenland - myths and legends in The Great Dane on Retrieved January 23, 2022 from

East Greenland's oldest tupilak The Ammassalik Museum's permanent exhibition shows the world's oldest known tupilak from East Greenland. It was carved in 1893 by the spirit man Mitsivarniaanga (1860-1910) in Angmagssalik.  The museum".